Wasgij 20th Anniversary jigsaw puzzles

Wasgij have released a range of very special Wasgij 20th Anniversary jigsaw puzzles to celebrate their 20th birthday.

Wasgij 20th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzles

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 Wasgij 27 Original: The 20th Birthday Parade

The mark the 20th anniversary of Wasgij, everyone has rushed out to buy the special edition puzzle, but something has caught their attention outside.

Wasgij 26 Original: Celebrity Chief Chef! 

A new series of Celebrity Chief Chef has started and the contestants are busy creating their masterpieces but what have they created to impress the judges.

Wasgij 3 Back to…? Barbers and Beehives

With Hair-stylists some things never change. But fashions change, and so do salons. Imagine 50 years ago – back to the ‘swinging sixties’ Would any of our present day customers recognise the place?

Wasgij 13 Christmas: Turkey’s Delight

It’s Christmas Day and Santa’s friends and family have gathered for lunch. Who is cooking? Why are the guests looking puzzled and the snowman concerned?

If you want to find out more about Wasgij and their 20th Anniversary come and take a look at our special Wasgij 20th Anniversary post by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy these whacky new Wasgij puzzles, they are particularly funn, packed with detail and really funny! We would love to know how you get on with them. Let us know in the comments below or on our facebook page.