Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle

What is a jigsaw puzzle accessories bundle, we hear you ask? Well, we’ve created a great package of 3 different jigsaw puzzle accessories, plus a jigsaw puzzle, and have taken 20% off the total value!

Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle

We are running this fantastic jigsaw puzzle accessories bundle offer for the rest of Spring! In this fantastic bundle you will receive our jigsaw puzzle sorter trays, roll mat, fixative glue and our special Flowers in Spring jigsaw puzzle all for under £40 – that’s a 20% discount!

Get this fantastic offer before it’s gone! Usually £49.96, but you can get all these fantastic puzzle accessories and our puzzle in Spring puzzle for £39.99! Find our bundle offer here.


What is in the jigsaw puzzle accessories bundle?

You may be wondering what each accessory is in the bundle? First of all, we’ve included our new jigsaw puzzle roll mat. This is a fantastic way to store your half completed jigsaw puzzles and acts as a surface for your jigsaw. This means you can keep your dining table free for it’s actual purpose!

We have also included our sorting trays. You get six large sorting trays to help you organise your pieces. The clear trays mean you can clearly see which piece is which and organise them neatly. The trays have a handy carry case too.

Finally, we have included our fixative glue. This allows you to stick your completed puzzle together. Once your puzzle is completed, you just squeeze and smooth over the glue on top of your puzzle. Once left to dry, your puzzle will be kept in one piece, so you can show off your puzzle work! Some puzzlers like to frame their puzzles, so the glue is really handy for that.

Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle






Flowers in Spring Jigsaw Puzzle

Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle






Fixative Glue

Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle






6 x Sorting Tray

Save with our Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories Bundle






Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat

This bundle offer will be running until the Summer, but don’t worry, we will have more bundle offers throughout the year like this one!

Why not enjoy your puzzle outside? Use the roll mat and sorting trays to keep your pieces safe so you can soak up the sunshine!