Puzzle – A new movie for 2018

Puzzle (2018) is a new movie being released this year… can you guess what it’s about?

A new movie is being debuted at the Edinburgh Film  Festival today (20th June) called Puzzle. And well, what can we say, we are very intrigued to find out more!

Reviewers have already given the film a rating of 7/10. The film, which is opening the Edinburgh Film Festival 2018, stars Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald. It also stars actor David Denman, who you may recognise from ‘The Office’ (US).

The plot of the US Indie drama is about a housewife who has grown weary of her monotonous life of housework, tending to her husband and lack of a real social life. However, when she stumbles across an opportunity to become someone’s puzzle partner, her whole life is changed. She finds herself commuting to New York to complete puzzles and takes back a piece of her life for herself. With her puzzle partner, their aim is to compete in the National Jigsaw Championships! She truly finds an escape in jigsaw puzzles and allows time to do something that she enjoys.

The film was created by the same producer as ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
Our personalised Heart Shaped Map Jigsaw Puzzle

What are the benefits of doing a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Jigsaw Puzzles are a fascinating pastime and a wonderful hobby. Not only are they great for mindfulness, they can also help with diseases of the brain like Dementia.

Puzzles are a great way to take some time for yourself, but they are also just as brilliant to complete with friends and family. Living in a digital world, puzzles are a unique pastime to remove yourself from staring at the TV screen for too long or scrolling mindlessly on your phone – something a lot of us do without realising!

Our favourite thing about Jigsaw puzzles though? They are timeless! We have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles for many years and even though it seems they have had a revival in the past couple of years, they have always been around (well, since 1767). Once you have completed a puzzle, you can store it away and do it again another time or pass it on to someone else. The feeling of completing a puzzle is rather magical too.

Broken Up Jigsaw Puzzle

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You can find the trailer for the movie ‘Puzzle’ here: https://youtu.be/wl_SoMNi0rw 


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