Best Wasgij Puzzles of 2016

Top 10 Wasgij - Best Wasgij puzzles of 2016These are the best Wasgij puzzles of 2016. We have compiled this list by looking at how many we’ve sold of each Wasgij puzzle in 2016 and also the products reviews on the All Jigsaw puzzle store. After all, the best recommendation is from fellow jigsaw puzzlers.

There is a nice mix of new and old favourites in here so we hope you enjoy.

If you want to find out more about each of these click on the image of the puzzle. These are all 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Wasgij Back to…2: A 14th Century Castle 
The box image shows this 14th Century castle as it is today with tourists taking selfies and tripping over each other. What did it look like in the 14th century? Wasgij Back 2- 14 Century Castle
Wasgij Original 24: A Very Merry Holiday!
What has caught the attention of these holiday makers on this crowded beach in the peak of summer? wasgij original 24: a very merry holiday
Wasgij Destiny 16: Old Time Rockers!
In 1970, this was the biggest rock band around. What are they doing now? This is the scene you have to puzzle. wasgij-destiny-16-old-time-rockers
Wasgij Imagine 2: If the Wheel had not been Invented. 
What would this image look like if the wheel hadn’t been invented? This imagine puzzle will reveal what it would like! wasgij-imagine-2-if-the-wheel-had-not-been-invented
Wasgij Back to 1: Basic
The first in this fun series – what did the living room in this image look like 50 years ago? jigsaw-puzzle-wasgij-back-to-1-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle
Wasgij Original 23: The Bake Off
Imagine you are the judge with the stripy top and bows and piece together what she can see in this tasty puzzle wasgij-original-23-the-bake-offå
Wasgij Christmas 12: The Big Turn On!
At the annual Christmas market, they are turning on the lights! But what is the lady in the red coat preventing her daughter from seeing? wasgij-christmas-12-the-big-turn-on
Wasgij Mystery 12: The Unusual Suspects
The Beefeaters are frantic! Where have the crown jewels gone? Who took them? In this Wasgij Mystery, this is what you have to piece together. wasgij-mystery-12-the-unusual-suspects
Wasgij Christmas 2: True Love
This is a re-issue from Wasgij from 10 years ago. Does this fairytale have a happy ending? This is the image you have to piece together. wasgij-christmas-2-true-love
Wasgij Original 19: Cone-gestion
What is making all these people quite so angry? This a particular challenging puzzle but All Jigsaws Puzzle customers really loved the challenge. wasgij_19_cone_gestion

We have you enjoyed our list of Best Wasgij puzzles of 2016 – do you agree or do you think we’ve missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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