A Dickensian Yuletide Jigsaw Puzzle – Ambler Cartoon Collection

This week’s puzzle of the week is the Dickensian Yuletide Jigsaw puzzle from the Ambler Cartoon Collection. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is a unique blend of the Ambler world and Charles Dickens!

Dickensian Yuletide Jigsaw Puzzle
 A Dickensian Yuletide Jigsaw Puzzle – Ambler Cartoon Collection – 1000 piece

At first glance this looks like a typical Christmas scene illustrating your favourite Dickensian characters such as Scrooge and Oliver Twist. But look a little closer….

Why is there an Australian man in his Bermuda shorts wandering around and Tiny Tim has a Pie shop? Who’s been scrawling graffiti on the walls and who is the attractive lady in the red and green “outfit”?!”

Packed with detail and lots of humorous little illustrations, the Ambler Cartoon collection puzzle will make you smile as you piece it together.

Michael Durkans’ Ambler Cartoon Collection

This is the final instalment for the the Ambler 16 collection. This fun range show familiar scenes with an Ambler twist!  You can find all the other available Ambler cartoon collection jigsaw puzzles by clicking here.