Wasgij Original 25 DEAL BREAKER! 1000 piece Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

Wasgij Deal Breaker Jigsaw JackpotWasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker! is the latest Limited Edition puzzle from the fun series of puzzles from Jumbo. This fun puzzle is Wasgij’s take on the chaos of Black Friday.

Wasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker 1000 piece Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

Prepare for the Sales

The image on the front of the box shows a crowded shopping centre packed full of people on the busiest day of the year – Black Friday. There are obviously lots of deals to be had in the store and as the crowds gather they can’t quite believe their eyes. The store manager looks equally surprised, so are the crowds looking at the bargains or is something else going on? The image you are puzzling is the view from the store manager’s point of view – can you figure out what he is seeing?

Wasgij Fun

Have you tried a Wasgij before? The image you puzzle is NOT the image on the box. The image on the box is one of your clues, you have to use your imagination to figure out what the jigsaw puzzle image could be.  If you want to find out more, take a look at our blog – What is a Wasgij Puzzle? to find out more.

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Jigsaw Jackpot – Wasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker – 1000 piece LIMITED EDITION

We are giving away this hysterically funny Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Jackpot this week. This is a weekly giveaway on our facebook page. (Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 26th September 2016). Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot by clicking here.