Historic Map Jigsaws – John Speed

Have you seen the informative and stunning range of historic map jigsaws? 

A historic map would make a beautiful gift for anyone who’s interested in maps. Not only are they interesting and beautiful, they are great fun to do. Each jigsaw puzzle comes with an A3 size guide print. 

What’s so special about these historic maps?

These 1000 piece map jigsaws are taken from John Speed’s magnum opus – the Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine.  The Atlas was published in 1612 but the individual maps it contains are dated 1610 / 1611.  They build on the earlier ground breaking surveys undertaken by the master Elizabethan cartographer Christopher Saxton. They introduce colourful cartouches and town/plans around the map edges to resemble works of art as much as maps.  The political history of the time can be traced through the various coats of arms of powerful families used around the borders of the maps.

These individual maps are amongst the most sought after of historic county maps. They are not only informative, as they give a representation of counties in the UK in 1610. They are highly decorative and are fun to complete.

If you want to find out a bit more about John Speed, try the link below;


Interestingly, the 3 most popular Historic Map Jigsaws by county are

  1. Cornwall Map Jigsaw


2. Devon Map Jigsawdevon-historic-map-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle
3. Yorkshire Map Jigsawyorkshire-north-east-riding-historic-map-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle-1610

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Historic Map Jigsaws Collection