Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

This, quite frankly, beautiful Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle is 1000 piece and from the Falcon de Luxe Nostalgia Collection.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle - Falcon Nostalgia Collection


A delightful Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

This nostalgic puzzle is highly detailed and 1000 pieces. It beautifully captures the old fashioned joys of Halloween.¬†This 1000 piece puzzle is gorgeously illustrated by the very talented Tony Ryan. The image shows children in lots of different costumes such as a witch, a Fairy and even Batman! (Can you spot the toddler Robin?) There’s apple bobbing and lots of pumpkins and I can see 15 ghosts, how many can you see?

Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles

Falcone de luxe is a well known English brand. They are known for high quality jigsaw puzzles and are very select about the images they use for their puzzles. Falcon puzzles are always of a high quality. Our customers love Falcon de Luxe and always look out for the annual Christmas puzzle that Falcon release.

Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles