Cobh Harbour Jigsaw puzzle by Gibsons

Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle GiveawayThis Cobh Harbour jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons depicts the lovely Harbour which is situated on Great Island in Cork. This is an area rich with history. It was the last sight of Ireland for hundreds of thousands of men and women as they left behind the famine of 1844-48 to start a new life in America. It was also the last port of call for the Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage.

Cobh Harbour

Today, the brightly coloured houses and shops around this pretty harbour create a stunning vista for this jigsaw puzzle. It shows the fishing boats bringing in the days catch and children rock-pooling in the summer sun.

Available in 1000 piece and 500XL piece

The Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle comes is a 1000 piece jigsaw which will be a joy to complete, it is also available in 500XL pieces. These jigsaws have bigger pieces but depict the same lovely image. These are perfect for beginners, those with dementia, or those with handling or sight difficulties.

Jigsaw Jackpot – Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000pc.

We giving away the 1000 version of the Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Jackpot this week. This is a weekly giveaway on our facebook page. (Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 19th September 2016). Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot by clicking here.