Jigsaws to celebrate the Queen – Royal Memorabilia

Are you looking for Royal Memorabilia to celebrate the Queen?
Our Queen The Longest Reign Jigsaw Puzzle by Gibsons
Our Queen The Longest Reign Jigsaw Puzzle by Gibsons
A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's reign Jigsaw by Jumbo
A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign Jigsaw by Jumbo

Today is the day that Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain’s longest-reigning monarch when she passes the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Gibsons and Jumbo have both put together jigsaws to commemorate the milestone. Both manufacturers have taken a similar approach, namely a montage of images covering the reign; the Gibson images are shaped irregularly whilst the Jumbo frames are arranged in a more structured grid, almost like postage stamps. Gibsons have opted for a regal purple coloured frame compared to the nostalgic brown chosen by Jumbo.


Finally we have created our own Jigsaw Puzzle celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday. This limited edition¬†jigsaw puzzle is the official portrait of her Majesty on her 90th Birthday and is the perfect piece of Royal Memorabilia.



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