Brian O’Donnell on BBC Breakfast!

This morning, our Managing Director, Brian O’Donnell was on the BBC Breakfast sofa! He was talking about jigsaw puzzles with Robert Opie who has has just launched an exhibition celebrating 250 years of jigsaw puzzles at the Museum of Brands.

250 years of jigsaws exhibition at the Museum of Brands

This wonderful event is believed to be the world’s biggest collection of jigsaw puzzles. The first jigsaws date all the way back to 1766 and¬†were used to teach geography to upper class children. Read more about the exhibition here.

Jigsaw puzzles today

Brian was asked along to talk about jigsaw puzzles today. He mentioned that today you can get a map jigsaw centred on your home, which he thought was a nice nod to the origin of puzzles.

You can see the BBC Breakfast Team, Mr. Opie and Brian talking about jigsaw puzzles by clicking here. To go straight to the news feature scroll to 3 hrs, 1 minute and 16 seconds. Please note that this link will only be live till 9.15am on Wednesday 14th December.