Mother’s Day – Why a Jigsaw is a Better Gift than Flowers

What to get for a Mother’s Day gift?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – don’t forget it’s on 26th March this year. There is the annual dilemma of what gift to get your mum for this important day.

In our busy lives it is easy to forget to show your appreciation to the ones you love, so Mother’s Day is a great excuse to make a bit of a fuss of your mum and show her how much you do appreciate all she does for you.

So flowers or chocolates are always a good idea but flowers will wilt after a week or two and the chocolates will be gone pretty quickly too – if your mum is anything like me!

I wanted to let you into a little secret – a jigsaw is a really brilliant idea for a Mother’s Day gift. It is something she can enjoy and appreciate for much longer and it could be something that you could do together or with the grandchildren. A special time that she will never forget.

Photo Jigsaw Perhaps?

A really special idea is a personalised jigsaw. Here at All Jigsaw Puzzles one of our bestselling jigsaws is the Personalised Photo Jigsaw. Turn a special photograph of somewhere she has travelled, a loved one, her pet or the family into a jigsaw. It comes in a personalised box and you can add your own message too.

Personalised Photo 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Personalised Photo 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Special Mother’s Day Shaped Pieces!

My personal favourite for this time of year is our Personalised Mother’s Day Map jigsaw. This very special jigsaw has shaped pieces that spell Happy Mothers Day and a central heart shaped piece. Choose from a Ordnance Survey Landranger Map, Aerial Photo, London Streetmap or GB Streeview centred on the address of your choice. This is a Mother’s Day gift that will always be treasured.

Personalised Happy Mother's Day 400 Piece Jigsaw
Personalised Happy Mother’s Day 400 Piece Jigsaw
The Funniest Mother’s Day Jigsaw…

Perhaps you are looking for something to make your mother smile – then the Mother’s Day Chaos jigsaw is for you. This fun jigsaw shows the scene from Chaos House where at least one child has remembered it is Mother’s Day and has decided to paint his message to his mum on the wall. This wonderful jigsaw is exclusive to All Jigsaw Puzzles.

Mother’s Day Chaos

Or why not take a look at the All Jigsaw Puzzles store for loads more ideas. For more inspiration CLICK HERE to go straight to our specially created Mother’s Day Gift Collection.