Brand new Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles – Winter 2016

The brand new Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles have just landed in our warehouse and THEY ARE STUNNING!

We wanted to tell you about them as soon as possible – so here you are!

We hope you enjoy them. Click on the images to find out more.

Winter Garden – 1000 piece
There is still so much going on in the Winter Garden and this stunning Falcon de luxe puzzle which is a continuation from the hugely popular Spring Garden puzzle illustrates this beautifully. Winter Garden - Jumbo Jigsaw puzzle
Tower of London – 500 piece
This iconic building has seen its fair share of British history. This striking puzzle is 500 piece but nicely challenging and you will see the full detail of this London landmark. Tower of London Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
The Poet’s Cottage – 1000 piece
As part of the Cottages Collection, this idyllic cottage is the perfect getaway for a creative soul. The Poets Corner Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
The Country Garden – 1000 piece
Falcon de Luxe have created this pretty and informative puzzle for their animals collection. Showing animals from the English countryside it also identifies beautiful plants for the English countryside. Country Garden Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Full Steam Ahead – 500 piece
This is a delightful portrayal showing two LMS trains waiting to depart from the platform is part of Falcon de Luxe’s Transport collection. Full Steam Ahead Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Bonfire Night – 500 piece
Another charming puzzle from Falcon’s Scenery  Collection which a delightful picture of a family enjoying bonfire night with sparklers and marshmallows. Bonfire Night Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Afternoon in Cambridge – 1000 piece
With an image showing a lively scene on a bridge in Cambridge, this nostalgic puzzles has already been very popular on the All Jigsaw Puzzle shop. Afternoon in Cambridget Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
1940s and 1950s – 2 x 1000 piece puzzles

40th Anniversary Special Edition

The first puzzle is titled “Britain at War” and the second puzzle image is titled “1950’s High Street”.  Both depict nostalgic scenes illustrating what life was like in these 2 decades of British history. 1940s and 1950s Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle

1940s Jumbo Jigsaw puzzle

Heroes 2 x 1000 piece puzzles

40th Anniversary Special Edition

The first puzzle depicts three hugely popular war-time aeroplanes flying over the British Countryside. The first plane in the image is the PA474 Lancaster which was famously flown by Wing Commander Guy Gibson during the ‘Dambusters’ raid of 16th-17th May 1943. The other two fantastic planes in this image is the Observer Corps EB-Z Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane MK.I RAF GN-A. The second puzzle image depicts the stunning Spitfire Mk II RF-M soaring over the Houses of Parliament in London and the Thames River. Heroes Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle

Heroes 2

These stunning Falcon de Luxe jigsaw puzzles would make a lovely Christmas present for someone. Take a look at the whole range of Falcon de Luxe below.

Warning: These highly collectible puzzles might be bad for your Jigsaw Puzzle addiction. Sorry..

Cynthia and the All Jigsaw Puzzle Team

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