Christmas 2016 Limited Edition 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Jackpot Christmas ShoppersThe All Jigsaw Puzzle of the week is the Limited Edition Christmas 2016 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Gibsons. The best thing about this puzzle is the high level of detail in this classic Christmas scene. If you look carefully you will see Santa and his elf in his grotto surrounded by children and stall holders selling chestnuts or serving mulled wine or a young lady hanging a christmas wreath out of her window. It is such a nostalgic puzzle showing people enjoying all the season has to offer.


This design was created by Marcello Corti. He was born in 1961 in Bergamo, a beautiful medieval town in northern Italy that has been home to many artists.

Gibsons Jigsaws – a proud British Family business

Gibsons Jigsaws produce the UK’s largest range of puzzles made from premium quality board. They have been a proud British family business since 1919. What makes them unique is their wealth of experience as well as their passion for quality products. Their jigsaw puzzles are made from 100% recycled board that have firmly interlocking pieces and feature beautiful images from the finest artists.

Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles

Christmas 2016 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is the fourteenth in this ever popular Christmas series. Each Christmas 2016 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle contains a unique serial numbered certificate and measures 49 x 68cm.

This 1000 piece puzzle will be a nice challenge for anyone who loves a puzzle and are feeling a little nostalgic for Christmas times of old.

Jigsaw Jackpot

We are sure that this puzzle will be very popular this Christmas so will be giving away one of these puzzles on our face book this week (giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 12th Septemeber 2016. Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot Weekly giveaway by clicking here.

Wasgij Christmas 12 The Big Turn On Jigsaw Puzzle

Wasgij Christmas 12 The Big Turn OnThis week’s Puzzle of the week is the hilarious Wasgij Christmas 12 The Big Turn On.

As usual, this new Wasgij puzzle is proving very popular with our customers.  These brainteaser puzzles are great fun as they really challenge puzzlers. The picture on the box is not what you will puzzle, you have to use your imagination and the supplied clues to figure out what you should be making. You have to put yourself in the position of one of the characters in the picture and imagine what it is that they are looking at.  That is the image that you puzzle!

The Wasgij Christmas puzzles from Jumbo are very popular every year. These unusual jigsaw puzzles are loved by puzzlers everywhere. Take a look at the full range by clicking on the button below.

Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

In Wasgij’s Christmas 12 The Big Turn On jigsaw puzzle you will have to imagine what the lady in the red dress could possibly be preventing her daughter from seeing! As a bonus with this puzzle, you also get to puzzle the image on the box. 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws in one box!

As we know our customers love these so much we are giving away one Wasgij Christmas 12 The Big Turn On Jigsaw Puzzle on our facebook this week (giveaway ends at 12noon on Monday 5th September 2016).  Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot Weekly giveaway by clicking here.


The Pieceful Puzzle – A colouring-in jigsaw puzzle

The Pieceful Puzzle – A Unique and Relaxing Gift

This colouring-in jigsaw puzzle will make a unique gift that will leave the recipient feeling happy and relaxed.

Exclusive Colouring-in Jigsaw Puzzle

We have created an exclusive colouring-in puzzle which means you will start by colouring-in your chosen design, then break up the puzzle and continue this therapeutic activity by making up the puzzle! You could even frame the coloured-in puzzle to put up on the wall!

3 designs to choose from with a personalisable message

There are 3 designs to choose from and you can add your own message in the centre.


This intricate high quality wooden jigsaw is 108 pieces and is delivered flat and ready to colour in. It comes in a colourful envelope-style package which keeps the jigsaw secure while it’s being coloured in.

Color in jigsaw 2

Pieceful Puzzle - a colouring-in jigsaw puzzle
Pieceful Puzzle – a colouring-in jigsaw puzzle

This unique jigsaw puzzle can be coloured in with pencils, but we have found that you will get the most beautiful effect from fine point felt tip pens.

This personalised colouring-in jigsaw combines the therapeutic activity of colouring and the relaxing pastime of puzzle making. It would make a lovely gift which you can personalise with a special message.

 Click here to view on our online shop.

Jigsaws to celebrate the Queen – Royal Memorabilia

Are you looking for Royal Memorabilia to celebrate the Queen?
Our Queen The Longest Reign Jigsaw Puzzle by Gibsons
Our Queen The Longest Reign Jigsaw Puzzle by Gibsons
A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's reign Jigsaw by Jumbo
A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign Jigsaw by Jumbo

Today is the day that Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain’s longest-reigning monarch when she passes the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Gibsons and Jumbo have both put together jigsaws to commemorate the milestone. Both manufacturers have taken a similar approach, namely a montage of images covering the reign; the Gibson images are shaped irregularly whilst the Jumbo frames are arranged in a more structured grid, almost like postage stamps. Gibsons have opted for a regal purple coloured frame compared to the nostalgic brown chosen by Jumbo.


Finally we have created our own Jigsaw Puzzle celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday. This limited edition jigsaw puzzle is the official portrait of her Majesty on her 90th Birthday and is the perfect piece of Royal Memorabilia.


Wasgij Original 23 – The Bake Off

Wasgij Original 23 - The Bake Off
Wasgij Original 23 – The Bake Off
  • No soggy bottoms
  • No buying cakes from the shops
  • No having your cake and eating it
  • No fingers in pies
  • No biting

These are the rules on the walls of the tent at the baking contest that will look very familiar to fans of Mary Berry!  Wasgij Original 23 – The Bake Off is the latest offering from Wasgij.  To solve this puzzle you have to imagine that you are the judge with the stripy top (is that Mel or Sue?) and piece together what she can see. The Bake Off coincides with the Little Snoring History Pageant so it’s inevitable that havoc will ensue.

This is another great Wasgij and is packed with fun references to the TV programme (and modern life in general!) so it’s a welcome addition to the Wasgij Original collection – in fact it’s encouraging to see that there’s no drop-off in creativity or originality.

Wasgij Original Extension Pack 1: The Bake Off continued…
Wasgij Original Extension Pack 1: The Bake Off continued…

And like the TV programme this puzzle has an extra bit The Bake Off continued… which is one of the first extensions that Wasgij have launched – the idea of the extension puzzle is to allow you to add an extra 250 pieces to the right hand side of the completed Original 23, or it can be enjoyed on its own as a mini-puzzle. It’s an innovative concept and it will be interesting to see how puzzlers react to this. Do let us know what you think.