Top 10 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzles

1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are the most popular type of jigsaw on the All Jigsaw Puzzle store. We understand why, they are the perfect balance of challenging and complete-able! (Is that a word?!?). Jigsaws that make it into this top 10 have sold well on the store in the last 12 months and have also got great product reviews. We have also tried to include different styles of jigsaw puzzle.

We hope you enjoy them. Click on the images to find out more.

Personalised 1000 piece photo jigsaw – Landscape
The best selling 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle on our store is our personalisable photo jigsaw. You can upload your photo and we will make the jigsaw for you. These are high quality puzzles, but don’t take our word for it, read the reviews by clicking on the image. personalised-jigsaw-personalised-1000-piece-photo-jigsaw-1
Wasgij Back to… 2: A 14th Century Castle – 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
The most popular Wasgij this year has been this funny puzzler. We’ve mentioned this a few times on the blog now due to its’ popularity. Click on the image to find out more. Wasgij Back 2- 14 Century Castle
Jan van Haasteren Holiday 2 x 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles
This great value set not only includes 2 x 1000 piece puzzles but also contains a FREE 5 page JVH colouring book. This set is keeping our customers entertained for hours! JVH Holiday
Christmas Ornaments 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
This stunning collage showing lots of Christmas ornaments has been reviewed very highly on our store. A great Christmas gift! christmas-ornaments-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle
Christmas at Chaos Farm 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
The first “Chaos” puzzle launched for Christmas 2015. It was so successful we have launched two more! Take a look here. christmas-at-chaos-farm-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle
Falcon de Luxe – Toys in the Attic – 1000 piece
Another charming puzzle from Falcon’s Nostagia Collection which a delightful picture of a traditional family attic. It will genuinely make you smile. Toys in the Attic 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
99 Beautiful Places on Earth 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Perhaps this challenging and entertaining puzzle would tempt you into creating your own top 99 places to visit! 99-beautiful-places-on-earth-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle
Afternoon Amble 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
This sleepy village looks like the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. afternoon-amble-jigsaw-puzzle-1000-pieces
Falcon de Luxe – River at Knaresborough – 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
A lovely autumnal scene shows this majestic viaduct spanning the River Nidd. This picturesque image was captured by Mark Sunderland. River at Knaresborough 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
The Whitesmith’s Cottage 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Part of the incredibly popular Falcon de Luxe Cottages Collection, this is the most popular puzzle from that collection in the past 12 months. the-whitesmith-s-cottage-1000-piece-puzzle

As you can see, the top 10 of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles consist of lots of different themes. This is one of the brilliant things about puzzles, you can always find a style that you like and are a joy for YOU to complete.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

Cynthia and the All Jigsaw Puzzle Team


Brand new Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles – Winter 2016

The brand new Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles have just landed in our warehouse and THEY ARE STUNNING!

We wanted to tell you about them as soon as possible – so here you are!

We hope you enjoy them. Click on the images to find out more.

Winter Garden – 1000 piece
There is still so much going on in the Winter Garden and this stunning Falcon de luxe puzzle which is a continuation from the hugely popular Spring Garden puzzle illustrates this beautifully. Winter Garden - Jumbo Jigsaw puzzle
Tower of London – 500 piece
This iconic building has seen its fair share of British history. This striking puzzle is 500 piece but nicely challenging and you will see the full detail of this London landmark. Tower of London Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
The Poet’s Cottage – 1000 piece
As part of the Cottages Collection, this idyllic cottage is the perfect getaway for a creative soul. The Poets Corner Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
The Country Garden – 1000 piece
Falcon de Luxe have created this pretty and informative puzzle for their animals collection. Showing animals from the English countryside it also identifies beautiful plants for the English countryside. Country Garden Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Full Steam Ahead – 500 piece
This is a delightful portrayal showing two LMS trains waiting to depart from the platform is part of Falcon de Luxe’s Transport collection. Full Steam Ahead Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Bonfire Night – 500 piece
Another charming puzzle from Falcon’s Scenery  Collection which a delightful picture of a family enjoying bonfire night with sparklers and marshmallows. Bonfire Night Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
Afternoon in Cambridge – 1000 piece
With an image showing a lively scene on a bridge in Cambridge, this nostalgic puzzles has already been very popular on the All Jigsaw Puzzle shop. Afternoon in Cambridget Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle
1940s and 1950s – 2 x 1000 piece puzzles

40th Anniversary Special Edition

The first puzzle is titled “Britain at War” and the second puzzle image is titled “1950’s High Street”.  Both depict nostalgic scenes illustrating what life was like in these 2 decades of British history. 1940s and 1950s Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle

1940s Jumbo Jigsaw puzzle

Heroes 2 x 1000 piece puzzles

40th Anniversary Special Edition

The first puzzle depicts three hugely popular war-time aeroplanes flying over the British Countryside. The first plane in the image is the PA474 Lancaster which was famously flown by Wing Commander Guy Gibson during the ‘Dambusters’ raid of 16th-17th May 1943. The other two fantastic planes in this image is the Observer Corps EB-Z Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane MK.I RAF GN-A. The second puzzle image depicts the stunning Spitfire Mk II RF-M soaring over the Houses of Parliament in London and the Thames River. Heroes Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle

Heroes 2

These stunning Falcon de Luxe jigsaw puzzles would make a lovely Christmas present for someone. Take a look at the whole range of Falcon de Luxe below.

Warning: These highly collectible puzzles might be bad for your Jigsaw Puzzle addiction. Sorry..

Cynthia and the All Jigsaw Puzzle Team

Top 10 Falcon-1

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

This, quite frankly, beautiful Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle is 1000 piece and from the Falcon de Luxe Nostalgia Collection.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle - Falcon Nostalgia Collection


A delightful Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

This nostalgic puzzle is highly detailed and 1000 pieces. It beautifully captures the old fashioned joys of Halloween. This 1000 piece puzzle is gorgeously illustrated by the very talented Tony Ryan. The image shows children in lots of different costumes such as a witch, a Fairy and even Batman! (Can you spot the toddler Robin?) There’s apple bobbing and lots of pumpkins and I can see 15 ghosts, how many can you see?

Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles

Falcone de luxe is a well known English brand. They are known for high quality jigsaw puzzles and are very select about the images they use for their puzzles. Falcon puzzles are always of a high quality. Our customers love Falcon de Luxe and always look out for the annual Christmas puzzle that Falcon release.

Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzles

Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzles – Exclusive

Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzles from All Jigsaw Puzzles!

We are proud to present our lovely range of Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzles. We have selected some of the nations favourite Christmas Carols and made puzzles out of them! These are hand made on our jigsaw presses in our warehouse in Devon and are completely EXCLUSIVE to All Jigsaw Puzzles. We hope you like them.

Click on the images below to view the puzzles.

We Three Kings 1000 Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle
We Three Kings Christmas 1000 piece Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle the three kings following the star to Bethlehem bearing their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.


Hark the Herald Angels Sing 1000 piece Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Reveal the angels visiting baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary in this beautifully traditional puzzle.

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Deck the Halls Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Deck the Halls 400 piece Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Showing a cosy fireplace decked with boughs of Holly, this attractive puzzle is sure to put you in a Christmassy mood!

We do hope you like this brand new range of Exclusive Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzles. As always, we love to hear from you – customer feedback is invaluable and without it we cannot offer you the puzzle ranges you want to see or improve in the way that suits you. So please let us know in the comments below or on facebook.


All Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle Range

Chaos at Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles – EXCLUSIVE Puzzle Range

Chaos at Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

With Christmas less than 12 weeks away we wanted to tell you about the latest releases from our exclusive puzzles range. Last year one of the puzzles our customers loved was the Christmas at Chaos Farm Jigsaw Puzzle. So this year we’ve added 2 brand new Chaos at Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles to the range.

Exclusively available from All Jigsaw Puzzles

This special Christmas jigsaw puzzle range with a humourous twist and full of detail were drawn by the very talented and very funny Ricardo Galvao.  Click on the images below to view the puzzles.

Christmas at Chaos Turkey Farm Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas at Chaos House Christmas Jigsaw puzzle

Christmas at Chaos Turkey Farm – 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

At the Turkey Farm they are preparing for the holiday season. Mrs. Turkey Farmer is testing their product while the residents of the farm look on. There are some interesting residents at Chaos Turkey Farm and many have disguised themselves. There is a pilot, a journalist, a judge, and even a weightlifter! One of them has had a mishap with a bowling ball, another has obviously had a go at boxing (not very successfully!) and Darth Vader wielding his light sabre makes an appearance.

Christmas at Chaos House – 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

At Chaos House they are preparing for Christmas. The dog is dreaming of his Christmas bone while the neighbour is hanging his decorations and has had a slight mishap. Santa is trying to remember where he left his suit after last year’s jaunt while a myopic hedgehog has finally found the love of his life. A beaver has found a new log for his home while the local prison’s most recent escapee is trying to find a Christmas present for his mate. And Grandma? well, Grandma has already found her present.

All our puzzles are printed, stamped and hand packed here in our workshop in Devon. We do hope you enjoy this humorous range of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles. Let us know in the comments below.

View the whole range by clicking on image below.

Cynthia and the All Jigsaw Puzzles Team.

Chaos at Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle range

Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 2016

Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Have you seen the New Waddingtons Christmas Puzzle for 2016? It’s 1000 piece and features Father Christmas making his deliveries. This lovely jigsaw is called Christmas Delivery. It’s just come into our warehouse and we’ve all fallen in love with it.



Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle for 2016 – LIMITED EDITION

On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas makes his deliveries across the world. Every child tries to catch Father Christmas making his delivery, but most fall asleep before he comes. Two excited children have managed to stay awake and hide at the top of the stairs to catch a glimpse of the Santa Claus. They watch as he leaves a pile of gifts for all the family and then disappears into the night with his reindeer who you can see peeking through the door.

Hidden details

This Waddington Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle is packed with hidden details. Can you spot the references to the 12 days of Christmas in this puzzle? Can you find the calling birds? The French Hens? or even FIVE GOOOOLD RINGS? (you can’t say that without singing it!)

About Waddingtons of London

The Waddington Christmas Jigsaw puzzles have been a collectors item for many years. They are always Limited Edition – they were one of the first companies to do this – and are beautifully illustrated.

Shop Waddingtons

Jigsaw Jackpot – Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle – Christmas Delivery– 1000 piece LIMITED EDITION

We are giving away this highly sought-after Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Jackpot this week. This is a weekly giveaway on our facebook page. (Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 3rd October 2016). Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot by clicking here.


Wasgij Original 25 DEAL BREAKER! 1000 piece Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

Wasgij Deal Breaker Jigsaw JackpotWasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker! is the latest Limited Edition puzzle from the fun series of puzzles from Jumbo. This fun puzzle is Wasgij’s take on the chaos of Black Friday.

Wasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker 1000 piece Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

Prepare for the Sales

The image on the front of the box shows a crowded shopping centre packed full of people on the busiest day of the year – Black Friday. There are obviously lots of deals to be had in the store and as the crowds gather they can’t quite believe their eyes. The store manager looks equally surprised, so are the crowds looking at the bargains or is something else going on? The image you are puzzling is the view from the store manager’s point of view – can you figure out what he is seeing?

Wasgij Fun

Have you tried a Wasgij before? The image you puzzle is NOT the image on the box. The image on the box is one of your clues, you have to use your imagination to figure out what the jigsaw puzzle image could be.  If you want to find out more, take a look at our blog – What is a Wasgij Puzzle? to find out more.

Shop Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Jackpot – Wasgij Original 25 Deal Breaker – 1000 piece LIMITED EDITION

We are giving away this hysterically funny Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Jackpot this week. This is a weekly giveaway on our facebook page. (Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 26th September 2016). Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot by clicking here.


Cobh Harbour Jigsaw puzzle by Gibsons

Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle GiveawayThis Cobh Harbour jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons depicts the lovely Harbour which is situated on Great Island in Cork. This is an area rich with history. It was the last sight of Ireland for hundreds of thousands of men and women as they left behind the famine of 1844-48 to start a new life in America. It was also the last port of call for the Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage.

Cobh Harbour

Today, the brightly coloured houses and shops around this pretty harbour create a stunning vista for this jigsaw puzzle. It shows the fishing boats bringing in the days catch and children rock-pooling in the summer sun.

Available in 1000 piece and 500XL piece

The Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle comes is a 1000 piece jigsaw which will be a joy to complete, it is also available in 500XL pieces. These jigsaws have bigger pieces but depict the same lovely image. These are perfect for beginners, those with dementia, or those with handling or sight difficulties.

Jigsaw Jackpot – Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000pc.

We giving away the 1000 version of the Cobh Harbour Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Jackpot this week. This is a weekly giveaway on our facebook page. (Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday 19th September 2016). Find out more about our Jigsaw Jackpot by clicking here.


Top 10 Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles

Scenic-BannerThere are a beautiful selection of scenic jigsaw puzzles available. Scenics are a very popular style of jigsaw as they depict stunning vistas which can evoke a memory or help us day dream of where we could be. Here we have picked out our favourites, we hope you enjoy.

If you want to find out more about each of these click on the image of the puzzle.

Country Cottage Collection No. 3 – The Fisherman’s Cottage
This 1000 piece puzzle is illustrated by leading artist Howard Robinson, this pretty puzzle showing a Fisherman’s Cottage is just charming. Fishermans Cottage 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle
Through the Beach Hut Door – 500 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Create the view from your brightly decorated beach hut in this colourful, happy jigsaw from Falcon de luxe Through the Beach Hut door 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
Spring Garden 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Spring has sprung in this beautiful puzzle presenting stunning flowers and varied wildlife in this countryside garden. Spring Garden 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Happy Days no. 14 – Scarborough
The Happy Days range of scenic jigsaw puzzles are popular and this one depicts the view from Scarborough’s South Cliff Gardens in the 1960s. Happy Days no. 14 - Scarborough 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Power of Nature – Northern Lights
A stunning 1000 piece jigsaw showing the Northern Lights in all its glory sparkling the mountain and pine forest in the distance. Northern Lights Jigsaw Puzzle
Village Life, 2 x 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle Set
2 charming jigsaw puzzles showing idyllic village settings. Click on the box image to view the 2 puzzle images in this great value puzzle set. Village Life 2 x 500 piece jigsaw puzzles
99 Beautiful Places on Earth
This challenging and entertaining puzzle is an interesting montage of pictures from around the world. 99 Beautiful Places on earth 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
River at Knaresborough 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Spanning the River Nidd, this is probably one of the most recognisable viaducts in England. With stunning Autumnal colours on the trees next to the river, uncovering this scene is a pleasure. River at Knaresborough 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
A Busy Day at the Canal 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Imagine piloting your boat down idyllic canals whilst enjoying the sun on a summers day. This puzzle will probably be very close to what you imagine! A Busy day at the Canal Jigsaw Puzzle
The Whitesmith’s Cottage 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
This picturesque painting captures a thatched roofed cottage which is smothered in an array of flowers. The pretty garden bench outside the cottage makes you wonder how many pleasant evenings have been wiled away while sitting on it. Whitesmiths Cottage 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

To view the whole range of Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles click on the image below.

Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles collection

All Jigsaw Puzzle of the Week

Every week we pick a puzzle to feature as our Puzzle of the Week. Here is a list of what we’ve selected every week since we started

Wasgij Christmas 12 The Big Turn on

2nd September 2016


“The Christmas Grotto”  Limited Edition Christmas 2016 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons

9th September 2016


Cobh Harbour 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

16th September 2016

Cobh Harbour 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle-of-the-week

Wasgij Original 25 DEAL BREAKER! 1000 piece Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle

23rd September 2016


“A Christmas Delivery” Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 2016

30th September 2016


Falcon de Luxe 20th Anniversary Special Edition: 1940s and 1950s 2 x 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

14th October 2016


Personalised Map Jigsaw Puzzle

21st October 2016

Personalised map jigsaw

Great British Bake Off 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

28th October 2016


Santa’s Christmas Party, 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle – Limited Edition

3rd November 2016


A Dickensian Yuletide – Ambler Cartoon 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

11th November 2016


Gamekeeper’s Cottage by Gill Erskine-Hill 

24th November 2016