25% off our Wimbledon Jigsaw Puzzle!

Chaos at Wimbledon Jigsaw Puzzle!

It’s that time of year again! Grab your strawberries and cream and get ready for Wimbledon 2017.

Chaos at Wimbledon! 1000 or 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

For the duration of the terrific tournament, we are offering a fantastic 25% off our Chaos at Wimbledon Jigsaw Puzzle!

We think you’ll ‘love’ this puzzle! Has Murray Madness taken over? Perhaps spectators have caught a bit of Federer Fever… Whatever it is, Chaos has invaded Wimbledon!

In the puzzle, illustrated by the talented Ricardo Galvao, chaos has descended outside centre court! Tickets are now free, the order of play does not quite look right and the tennis ball mascot is not looking too well… Even the queen has come to join in the fun!

This hilarious puzzle is full of detail and a great activity to do whilst the tournament takes place on our screens! Enjoy 25% off too!

Chaos at Wimbledon 1000 or 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Ricardo Galvao is based in Portugal and created his Chaos Jigsaw Puzzle designs in 2015. These funny detailed designs have been very popular, you can take a look at the whole range here.

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