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At All Jigsaw Puzzles UK, we love Jigsaw Puzzles so we thought that a jigsaw puzzle blog seemed like a good idea! Jigsaw puzzles have long been a popular pastime and they help with relaxation and concentration. Companies like Gibson Games, Jumbo and Ravensburger produce the market-leading jigsaw puzzles for adults and specialise in 1000 piece jigsaws. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting into puzzling or are a seasoned puzzler we have something for everyone. We have over 1350 designs in stock right now. When you order we’ll try and send your jigsaws the same day or at least within one working day.

Make your own photo jigsaw
1000 piece photo jigsaw

About All Jigsaw Puzzles

We’re delighted to offer our own range of personalised map jigsaws and now you can even make your own photo jigsaw! Why not gift it a try, it’s a unique and special gift for a loved one?

Our site includes a range of exclusive jigsaws, where we’ve worked with artists or have commissioned unique artwork.

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